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We live in an era of uncertainty. Are we going to be attacked with the aid of north korea? Will there be an emp assault? How secure are we? Are our towns secure? In no way ought to we forget about commonplace sense means to shield ourselves. We have to no longer permit the know-how of angelic interventions tremendous cede not unusual feel. Manifestation Millionaire I trust that angels protect us whilst we can not defend ourselves. They provide us directives and it's up to us to comply with them.

Angelic visit number one: i used to be in europe in 1970. I attended a dance in the next door hotel. I left the dance approximately 1:15 am and was accompanied out the door with the aid of two men. One left and the other followed me, grabbed my arm and held a firm grasp on me. As we walked the gap among the 2 inns, i decided i'd scream at the top of my lungs if no one changed into within the lobby of my hotel whilst we walked in. I failed to want to scream. 5 men had been walking down the stairs and into the foyer whilst we walked in. They had been all from our traveling birthday party. My "friend" right away took off. They told me that they had been searching out me.

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One of the participants of the visiting birthday party, anna maria alberghetti had a nightmare about my scenario. She have become hysterical and insisted that they arrive searching out me.

The next day she defined my state of affairs to me in detail. She dreamt approximately the events as they had been occurring! Sure, there are angels of hope.

Angelic go to range two: i used to be driving down motorway 270 at eighty miles in line with hour. Manifestation Millionaire I got the robust impression to gradual down or there might be a head-on collision. I omitted it, wondering it became a figment of my imagination. A couple of minutes later, the identical droop came to me. This time it changed into a little stronger. I unnoticed it again. A couple of minutes after that, the impact hit me like a thunderbolt. I knew that a head-on awaited me if i did now not sluggish down. I decreased velocity about thirty miles per hour.

As i approached the go out to dual carriageway forty-four, i noticed a volkswagen arising the go out going in the incorrect direction! Had i now not slowed down, i may nicely have hit that volkswagon as i exited the toll road on that equal ramp.

Angel go to variety three: approximately 3 weeks after thanksgiving approximately 20 years in the past, i was thinking about eating a bite of turkey. I all of sudden heard a loud voice say "no, do not." one precise whiff of that turkey and that i threw it away. I would were very unwell.

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