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The SuperSu is the most popular rooting tool that is used by users all around the globe. In it, you can keep the records of the apps that you have given root permissions. And the nest time when toy run the same app it will grant permission automatically. With this tool, you can rewind back and see those apps that you have given the root permission. Then you can revoke them, or you can trace how many times it has been used. This tool can also be used to unroot your device temporarily, and this tool works efficiently when your device is not completely booted. So this is a fantastic tool for troubleshooting your device when your device gets traps in between boot loops. Here I am going to show the process of SuperSu apk for Android.
Another important thing of this tool is that you will get this tool in two versions one is the free version, and the other is the paid version or the Pro version for which you have to pay $3. The paid version allows you to lock the app with a security PIN. So nobody can use it without your permission.