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education and taxes -- connection

por Lena Graham (2017-12-07)

Based on the researches from autowriter I'd state republicans are attacking every single avenue the lower income populace has to pull themselves up by the bootstraps and succeed...myself and my children included.
As a very young single parent I made sure my daughter was educated and understood her future was what she made it.
Secondary education was never an option, it was an imperative.
She graduated from college and has been successful. She is still paying back student loans, as is her husband, from medical school. The Republican tax policy being voted on will cause them financial harm, if passed.
I also have a seven year old son. I'm seriously thinking about a different route with him. Self education and entrepreneurship is sounding like a better approach to his future.
Republicans want a permanent cut for corporations, so they can plan for the future...
But what about us? The people.
What do we plan on?
I don't know, but Republicans can count on me raising a Democrat.